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agrimmtale's Journal

A Grimm Tale Or Two
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A Grimm Tale- Main Community

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Opens July 6, 2009
Mods: grimmjob &agrimmmod

Imagine you are going about your daily life, just the usual grind, stopping criminals, blowing up an orphanage, reading a book or buying a new purse, when suddenly the ground seems to swallow you whole. You are disoriented. You do not know who or where you are but you have found yourself in a luxury living suite at the Wethersby Hotel. A note on a recipe card offers you little information:

Welcome to Chicago, Illinois. I will be in contact with you shortly. Your residence has been paid for, please make yourself at home.

- Grimm

P.S. Watch for my sign.

All that is given about the person who brought you here is the signature: Grimm. You walk outside and grab a newspaper. It reads July 6, 1920. Yes, you have landed in the time of flappers, mobsters, jazz, and prohibition.

Just when you start to get used to this place, more notes start showing up from Grimm and s/he wants you to help him/her bring down crime with mysterious clues. These clues seem to be inspired by the tales of Brothers Grimm. So what do you do? Help, ignore, or hinder? It is up to you.

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